Bombs in Our Backyard

The Filmmaker

Ginny Durrin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and president of Durrin Productions, Inc., a film and video production company in Washington, DC. For over 30 years, Durrin has produced documentary films for a wide variety of clients. She was nominated for an Academy Award for "Promises to Keep," a documentary film about the homeless, and received a Woman of Vision Award from Women in Film & Video. Her recent broadcast credits include "Homegrown: Islam in Prison" (part of the PBS series "America at a Crossroads") and "Poisons and Plagues" (part of "Avoiding Armageddon," another PBS series).

Durrin began her career as a filmmaker in Bogotá, Colombia, where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer. She has filmed in a number of foreign countries, including Iraq, Japan, Ireland, and Honduras, and her films have appeared internationally on outlets such as the BBC and at film festivals in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich, Leipzig, Shanghai, and Edinburgh.